Where to trade LCC (list of exchanges and discussion of their work)


List of exchanges that trade LCC:

Rating of exchanges (please, take into account the speed of input / output, technical support, etc.):

  • mercatox
  • southxchange
  • crypto-bridge
  • stocks.exchange
  • tradesatoshi
  • exrates

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Few days ago i downloAD the windows core… i bought some LCC in tradesatoshi and when i wan to withdrAW… it says address is no valid… try few times (address is created by my core wallet)… the wallet i want to use!! so, what is wrong here?? i went to triple check the status of the address in the console of the wallet… Validate the address (TRUE) repeat with others address… same results “true”… But Tradesatoshi says… INVALID ADDRESS
How tradesatoshi can denied a “true” validate address???
I will be happy if someone can show me what is wrong???>>>>> Thanks and keep it real