Receiving coins credited to LTC holders



Hello! In this topic we discuss the process of obtaining Litecoin Cash (LCC) coins for LTC holders at the time of the fork. If you are having difficulty obtaining coins or have any questions, we will always be happy to help.


downloaded wallet.
sent private address
never received the coins
checked with public address and the amount is correct but never got them
put in private address and it took it
tried to put private address again when they never came, and said address already used.
it was used by me, first time I entered it, it was excepted.


Hi, if problem still not solved, can u PM me your public address, I will check it.


I like to think of myself as very Litecoin Loyal, I held and spent BTC first but the first crypto I saw as profitable and accessible to the average person. The first crypto to turn a profit, First coiln mined , and in the leanest times the only currency I keep.

So I i was not in my JAXx. Electrum or Litecoin core wallets, I was and some still is stuck on Exmo been stuck there since Feb, in a withdrawal. long story domain ownership issue no redirect for emails. I had LTC on other exchanges. I paid my staff with LTC and Dash not hundreds I had across 4 maybe 5 exchanges like 6 LTC, and whatever is in the mining engines. Ccex stitched me right up for verge and LTC. is it eve possible for me to get the airdrop since I was using tenoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj


sorry fell asleep on the keyboard I wasnt blowing kisses