Realistic Expectations


I am Evan with the Litecoin Cash team and I would like to know what you want to see us do in the future! Please feel free to give us your craziest ideas for LCC and its use in the global economy. If you have an idea I want to know about it! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.


Hello Evan! I hope that the LCC will become a coin for daily trading. Now, crypto-currencies are mainly used for speculation. The only exception is bitcoin. Satoshi’s testimony says that the crypto currency is a tool for trade and anonymity.
At this stage, we need to create a strong community around the coin! With the help of the community, we will disseminate information about the LCC around the world.
Yes, these are the tasks of domination


I agree whole heartedly. We are working really hard to bring our version of crypto to maturity but it all begins at birth and how you bring it up. Exchanges have been the primary focus this past month for a good reason. Soon we will launch marketing campaigns to add to our community complete with conventions and meet ups across the globe.


marketing campaigns will bring popularity!
To promote coins, we will use community resources.
To do this, we need to create the tasks of domination. Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk campaign of signatures, etc.


Hi, @Evan, @RogerTheUnicorn, @Denis-Investman! Among other things, we need a multilanguage official website and forum. Also it is necessary to take into account the wishes of the community: without whitepaper, roadmap, light wallets, one should not expect a serious perception of the LCC coin. While for many LCC this is something incomprehensible …


I agree! WP and road map! You need to create local sections of the forum for different languages. and sections of the forum on topics.


The White Paper is almost finished now, and we are going for the last proofreadings and minor edits.
Regarding the Roadmap, firstly we have to finish basic infrastructure, such as SPV wallets (as they will give access to hardware wallets as well). Afterwards we can continue work on another necessary developments.
As our code is opensource actively encourage the community to experiment with new feature development.


Goog news! White Paper - step forward, the community will be pleased.


we cant wait :slight_smile:


Hi mate, hello fellas.
I would like to see LCC in every portable device, accepted in every store or restaurant or gas station.
For everyday use and as a value storage too.

I want to book my next flight with lcc!!


What I would like to know is: Is there anythign that we can do to help you the team?

I am a miner and i started mining since day 1 … and I would love to see this COIN SUCCEED


We are happy to accept any kind of help, spreading the word about Litecoin Cash to the other communities,
providing support, educating other miners, and generally coming out with your ideas on how would you like to utilise the Litecoin Cash.
We are happy to provide seed funding if you come with an interesting project to help the ball rolling.
So express your opinion and share your ideas!


can we send files through LCC blockchain? :smiley:


Is there anyway these blockchains can use a single block for capitalization amounts for business?Say if you set up a payment server for business off one block were this money doesn’t change based on the market and protects payments , yet still capitalizes the blockchain?Then you could have a private server that just adds payments at market value into one block without any miners fees.The business on the payment server could just cash out the payments off the business server out of one block.The lcc used can then be repatriated into the market from unique server address.


Will it be possible to buy,sell,spend lcc with your hardware wallet or mobile wallet eventually? I believe this could be revolutionary.One address for all your exchange needs.Most people hate dont get involved with crypto because you need to sign up with multiple exchanges.Why not run a wallet linked to the ico and you bank account?Shop ,buy ,sell lcc all from one location.


Hive Mining Via Android APK… :blush:
Soo Much Peoplo In Indonesia use Andro Smartphone… Just That…